For Students

Extherid Biosciences is proud to provide students with the unique opportunity to pursue biomedical research in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Our connections with academia and industry provide students with a thorough introduction to the innovative nature and research community of biomedical science and the biotech industry.

High School Internship Program
Extherid’s High School Internship Program offers local students a university-level experience in biomedical research and the opportunity to work in science beyond the classroom in real-life applications. This internship can be used in coordination with a senior project and provides a strong foundation for students interested in a career in science and medicine. Applications open every fall, with 1-2 students selected each year.

Undergraduate Research and Graduate Student Opportunities
Extherid offers undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in our R&D projects exploring the basic science behind our preclinical models. We can work with your home institution to provide credit or fulfill undergraduate research requirements. Please email info.US@perfectusbiomed.com for more information.

Graduate students interested in interning at Extherid can email info.US@perfectusbiomed.com for more information and a discussion on potential projects.