Extherid Biosciences Merger with UK-based Laboratory Perfectus Biomed Ltd

Extherid Biosciences LLC is pleased to announce a merger with Perfectus Biomed Ltd., a UK-based laboratory founded in 2012. The merger has formed a holding company, Perfectus Biomed Group, which will result in an integrated, broader research service offering.

Perfectus Biomed, a fast-growing company, provides customized microbiological services that are UKAS accredited and GLP compliant.  These services including standard biofilm, bacterial, viral, cell culture and molecular testing in the wound care and medical device sectors. 

Effective this summer, Extherid Biosciences will become known as Perfectus Biomed LLC and will operate as a US-based subsidiary of Perfectus Biomed Group. The new entity brings together over 40 employees and will be based around experienced PhD scientists who are dedicated to providing high-quality service to clients globally.

The objectives of the merger are to deliver enhanced service offerings, improve geographical reach, and provide international regulatory support to new and existing clients within the pharmaceutical, wound care, medical devices, cosmetics, and biocide sectors. 

The merger will allow Extherid to continue to lead in customizable ex vivo tissue model research and services for clients, while also offering in vitro testing focused on antimicrobial assays and accredited biofilm methodologies. 

We remain focused on providing the high-quality support you have come to expect from Extherid without interruption as we proceed with our integration over the coming months.

To find out more about Perfectus Biomed, our merger, and the new service capabilities we can offer, visit www.perfectusbiomed.com. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@extherid.com.